Revolutionizing Verified Digital Identity

Our mission is to empower a digital evolution that prioritizes user centric control of identity, data and communications.
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Self-sovereign identity use cases

Catering to applications from traditional credit insights to Web3 data platforms, and spanning sectors like manufacturing, education, DAOs, and gaming, our infrastructure empowers enterprises to innovate.

Travel & Hospitality

Enhance guest experiences by automating time-based offers and invoices linked with hotel access keys.


Elevate customer support and resolve issues faster with verified communication channels.


Simplify admissions, onboarding, support, and engagement with communication channels directly tied to Student IDs.


Automate event-based access details to staff to increase the ease and efficiency of staff mobility.


Coordinate secure, data collection from real-time verified identities in a way that all parties can trust.

Supply Chain

Reach out directly to the last identifier in the chain when an item goes missing.
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